JOIN MY CAMPAIGN – ANYONE BUT KANYE! Please download and share my #ANYONEBUTKANYE poster on social media. #kanye2020 #kanyeforpres #an [...]

Jehovah’s 2.5 mile wide comet!

Internet Muppets: A story about a 2.5 mile wide comet on a collision course with Earth has gone viral. The story, circulating on blogs and s [...]

GoPro HERO 3 Resolutions, FPS and FOV explained simply!

I was asked by my young cousin to help explain some of the settings on his GoPro camera, and it occurred to me that these instructional guid [...]

Good luck in Jordan, Aston!

My good friend and colleague Aston was redeployed to Amman, Jordan in the Middle East after more than 15 years working at UNHCR headquarters [...]

Slow motion play with cats

Last night I stayed up to 3am editing some slow motion footage I had shot with my cats back in January 2014 when I first got an iPhone 5S, ( [...]

Conspiracy theorists are colossal nobs

Haha, British professor of particle physics Brian Cox, television science presenter for programs like “Wonders of the Universe”, [...]

Beme – The new social media app

The latest buzz on the social media scene is about Beme, the new video sharing app by well-known NYC vlogger and filmmaker Casey Neistat. Th [...]

Final Cut Pro and Die Antwoord

So today I taught myself video editing using Final Cut Pro, inspired by Casey Neistat, (a nyc vlogger and entrepreneur who I have become qui [...]

Florida photographer for marriage equality

A Florida wedding photographer had a client cancel, after he joined millions of others on Facebook in adding a rainbow filter, showing his s [...]

Local street art by Invader

I just spotted this cool Simpsons mosaic street art on Servette, Geneva. I recognized the style, and was pretty sure this was by the famous [...]

Protect us from Picasso’s filthy art!

Apparently the $179 million price tag was not the most obscene thing about the record-breaking sale of a Picasso painting at a Christie̵ [...]

Meet ALADDIN, it predicts the future…

This is the ALADDIN “Collective Intelligence” network. It predicts the future, and in some respects is more powerful than politics. [...]

Drugs? Terror? What’s next…

The war on drugs brought in more drugs, the war on terror created more terrorists. What's next? [...]

Hahaha, real-life Grammar Nazis!

American [Grammar] Nazi Party tweet: "It really isn't that difficult to use correct spelling and grammar..." [...]

“That’s an impossibility… at best!”

I just overheard the most excellent phrase being used: "That's an impossibility... at best!" [...]
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