Meet ALADDIN, it predicts the future…

This is the ALADDIN “Collective Intelligence” network. It predicts the future, and in some respects is more powerful than politics. [...]

Drugs? Terror? What’s next…

The war on drugs brought in more drugs, the war on terror created more terrorists. What's next? [...]

Hahaha, real-life Grammar Nazis!

American [Grammar] Nazi Party tweet: "It really isn't that difficult to use correct spelling and grammar..." [...]

“That’s an impossibility… at best!”

I just overheard the most excellent phrase being used: "That's an impossibility... at best!" [...]

10 Funniest Autocorrect FAILS

Hey are you almost ready? Yayy! 1 more beer then we’re lesbian Autocorrect!! Hahah!! Leaving!!!!! My love for you is strong. I would b [...]

Kanye vs Louis Vuitton – What a tool!

Kanye West, what a tool! He wanted the vice-president of Louis Vuitton in Paris to meet with him, (presumably to ask them for free stuff), a [...]

Photos of abandoned places

Photographer Dan Marbaix travels from city to city, exploring abandoned houses, asylums, churches, state buildings and more. He has been arr [...]

Harvest electricity from the air

Scientists in North Carolina have found a way to capture microwave signals from the air around us, (satellite, mobile phone and wi-fi signal [...]

My Twitter-bots are roaming

Having fun with Twitter. I have written 3 “twitter-bots” which are autonomously going around posting tweets and looking for foll [...]

Nominated for a Digital Communications Award

Today I learned that a website I built has been nominated for the 2013 Digital Communications Awards in Berlin! The European Digital Communi [...]

“WiFi makes me lightheaded…”

I just read a “news” story about a woman calling for WiFi-free zones, because she “feels lightheaded whenever she is withi [...]

Al Murray’s “Only Way Is Epic” tour

My brother and I managed to catch Al Murray (The Pub Landlord) “Only Way Is Epic” tour in Geneva, and sat in the Front Row! He w [...]

Lance Armstrong – How many?

When I’m feeling down, I just remind myself that I have as many Tour De France wins as Lance Armstong, and twice as many testicles! [...]

Mine’s smaller than yours! (computers, that is…)

Just got my Raspberry Pi, it’s a pocket-sized PC, the size of a credit card, with BluRay quality 1080p HDMI out, 512Mb RAM, 2 USB port [...]

Who needs logic when we’ve got Imperial measurements?

Not content with basing the whole system on the size of arbitrary body parts such as thumbs, hands and feet, or on how much land your ox cou [...]
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