Pet Peeves: Customer divider bars

I have a pet peeve. I always put down a divider bar after my shopping on the checkout, but I won’t put one down before.

If the guy in front neglects to put one down, I let the checkout worker start scanning my items, and I take no responsibility. I wait for the guy in front to notice, then I stand back and leave it to them to sort it out with the cashier what belongs to them, and what needs to be removed from their bill. If they look at me accusingly I just shake my head, and look away.

Maybe I’m just being pedantic or passive aggressive, but why should I have to run around picking up the pieces for people too “important” to use a divider, or too stupid to know how a checkout works?

And stay tuned for next week’s exciting rant — people who repeatedly press the “call elevator” button after it’s lit; do they secretly believe the elevator is programmed to come faster after the 3rd or 4th press, or are there really people out there who manage to reach adulthood without understanding how a lift operates?

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