What if Trump was working for the Clintons?

Donald and Bill

So Donald and Bill used to be best friends, right? They were golfing buddies, and have interacted socially for decades. Trump made regular donations to the Clinton Foundation, and also to Hillary’s senate campaigns. Bill and Hillary even attended Trump’s third wedding, to Melania, in 2005, and their daughters, Ivanka and Chelsea, remain close friends to this day.

And Hillary is not a popular candidate. In fact, the Washington Post revealed that, if it weren’t for Trump, Hillary would be the most unpopular presidential nominee ever!

This, coupled with the fact that Trump used to be a Democrat, and once referred to Bill Clinton as “the best president we’d had”, got me to thinking…

How would you go about getting someone as unpopular as Hillary elected?

The only way would be to convince someone loudmouthed, inexperienced, and even more disreputable to run as her opposition.

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