Lindsay Lohan’s “Fire Crotch”

Lindsay Lohan’s Fire Crotch

Well, she might be worth over $7 million, but it looks like poor old Lindsay Lohan can’t afford a pair of panties! The Blogosphere is awash of new pictures of Lindsay “going comando” in the back of a Taxi, only two weeks after she flashed her hairless coochie to the paps whilst climbing out of a boat in Venice. Oh well, it seems to work for Britney…

But that wasn’t the only time she made the headlines last week. On Friday the 20-year-old was rushed to St. Vincent’s hospital in New York, after fracturing her wrist in two places falling over whilst “walking in flat boots”.

She started this year off in hospital after a severe asthma attack in January, and later the same month needed 10 stitches in her shin after falling on a broken cup at rocker Bryan Adams’ home in London. Looks like poor Li-Lo is having a bad run of luck lately!

One thought on “Lindsay Lohan’s “Fire Crotch”

  1. LOL, Lindsay is such a train wreck. It is so sad. I can’t decide if I should laugh at her or be nice and wish her well. Another case of a young starling that was destroyed by the limelight. I do hope eventually she gets some help and she can find the help she needs to turn her life around.

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