Interwebs Vs. Justin Bieber

Poor little Justin Bieber, those nasty people from the Interwebs just won’t stop circulating baseless and derogatory rumors about the 16 year old ‘Baby’ star on an almost daily basis.

So far the list of rumours, ranging from the absurd to the downright obscene, include getting arrested for swearing at the Police (6 June), dying – for the 3rd time (12 June), acquiring syphilis from a hooker (14 June), breaking his neck (15 June), bribing Chris Johnson to cover up the syphilis (16 June), really being only 12 years old (July 4), making a sex tape with Kim Kardashian (18 June), becoming pregnant (21 June), his mother posing topless in Playboy (24 June), being a hermaphrodite (25 June), and having his left testicle removed last week! It’s a wonder he finds time to sing!

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